Friday, April 13, 2012

Building a Bridge Between Individual
& Partner Yoga Practice
South Boulder CorePower Yoga
Sunday, May 6th
Investment: $30 regular/$25 for members

Skillful assisting and partner practices deepen our understanding and experience of Yoga while providing the groundwork for deeper partner practices. This workshop provides the tools and experience needed to a build bridge between individual and partner practice and demonstrates how both practices invaluably support the other.Clear, confident and compassionate touch invites us into a deeper experience than we may be able to achieve on our own.
Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ is a newly emerging healing art that expands the traditionally individual science of yoga into the realm of relationship. This is the last workshop that Elysabeth Williamson, founder of the practice will be offering a workshop in the Boulder area before relocating to Santa Barbara, CA.
It is sure to be a special event assisted by CPY an PBPY trained teachers Lara Barber and Raj Seymour .
To reserve your spot please contact:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Friday Five Live Music C2
CorePower Yoga Level 2 Vinyasa
Every week @ 5pm
South Boulder CorePower Yoga

Join us for this special, community-inspired class, featuring LIVE MUSIC!

Weave musical vibration into your yoga postures to inspire more awareness, connection, and healing. Wind down your week and kick off your weekend with this uplifting yoga class featuring beautiful live music.

CorePower Yoga Level 2 (C2) class focuses on building and enaging your core strength to support you in more advanced postures. CorePower Yoga 2 is the perfect blend of strength, flow, and heat which will detoxify and exhilarate the body and mind.