Monday, February 10, 2014

Lara's Touch - Handstand into Backbend Partner Yoga Flow

"Through the practice of partner Yoga, the duality of self/other begins to dissolve and we experience directly the essence of Yoga- Union" 

 The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga by Elysabeth Williamson

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Partner Yoga books ON SALE for Valentine's Day

For Valentines day, and for my upcoming Valentine's Couples Yoga & Massage workshop with Yoga Dates on February 13th, I am offering a special promotion on the amazing and beautiful book that my teacher Elysabeth Williamson wrote. The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga is an inspiring perspective on the depth and play that Partner Yoga inspires. The pages are filled with with transcendental inspiration, meditation practices, wonderful pictures, and an in depth step by step guide into the experiential pleasure of Principle Based Partner Yoga.

Each chapter of the book expands upon one of the universal principles of Partner Yoga. Offering a contemplations and partner yoga practices on the themes of union, trust, grounding, trust, compassion, surrender, silence, intimacy, balance, creativity, and community. This book has been a pivotal tool for self and other discovery and I highly recommend it for lovers, friends, and family. It demonstrates the beauty of connection and all of the healing it inspires through conscious touch and yoga, self study, and reflection.

Each book is regularly priced $30 but for this special Valentine's week I am offering  $5 off each book. This book is a limited edition hard bound copy which will not be reprinted. Get your copy to last a lifetime while they are still available.  Books will be available at my upcoming workshops as well as my heart-opening-valentine-friday-flow-full-circle-yoga on Valentine's Day Friday February 14th!

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Read more about Partner Yoga here

"As we practice being receptive to silence together, our deeper natures are revealed and we come to know each other beyond our personalities" - Elysabeth Williamson from The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga

Yoga Dates: Valentines Couples Yoga and Massage

Join for a three hour partner yoga and Thai Yoga Massage workshop 
at Yoga Pod Cherry Creek this Valentine's celebration!
Thursday February 13th 6-9pm 

Experience how expressing love and compassion through non-verbal communication can be simple, honest and incredibly bonding through partner yoga.

Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ is a visionary healing art that expands traditional yoga into the realm of relationship. This style of yoga utilizes the forms and principles of traditional yoga while incorporating the presence of another to deepen the impact and power of the practice. It expands and awakens our capacity in our individual practice while developing our skills in relating to others.
Experience this rich, nourishing practice of partner yoga and thai yoga massage, a perfect opportunity to introduce your loved one to yoga, as no previous yoga experience is necessary for this compassionate, open-hearted event.

Enjoy wine, chocolate, and light snacks throughout the evening.

A special thanks to Pressed Juice Daily who will provide organic juice samples prior to class.