Friday, May 5, 2017

Partner Yoga: Sacred Connection

Join Lara Barber and Danny Morris for 
Partner Yoga: Sacred Connection 

at Earth Yoga Boulder 

Awaken to the healing power of intentional touch and connection. 

Join us for a fabulous evening of joining consciously through the profound practices of partner yoga. Whether you are currently building intimacy in a current relationship, or you are open to cultivating this skill with someone new, this workshop will inspire deeper presence in all of your relationships. Welcome all that you are, meet others where they ar the, dance between the awareness of self and other, and remember the sacredness of authentically connecting in community.

Earth Yoga Boulder

June 9th, 2017
6 - 8:30pm
Investment: $30 per person, $25 per person before 6/1/2017


Lara Barber has been teaching Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ since 2009. She is a passionate yogini and lover of life. Lara teaches classes inspired by her life's study of massage therapy, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, body-centered awareness, shamanism, and Chinese Meridian Theory. She views the present moment and the body as tools to access great depths of our being. Yoga is an art form that she carves into each practice to restore your body, mind, and soul, to leave you feeling more connected and aligned.

Danny teaches Mindfulness, Yoga and Cultivating Emotional Balance as a way to develop the skills to live an authentic embodied life. He weaves essential teachings from various traditions, in a clear and comprehensive way to meet each student where they are. He is an embodied mindfulness coach and works one on one with students to develop a personalized practice.

He is a Basic Mindfulness facilitator, practicing 8+ years with Shinzen Young and 3 years full time at a Modern Monastery, The Center for Mindful Learning, with Soryu Forall. He has trained with Alan Wallace in Cultivating Emotional Balance, Shamatha, Vipassana and Dzogchen. He initially studied Yoga with Kathy McNames through the Yoga Vermont teacher training in 2008. He also completed the Anusara Yoga Immersion with Todd Norian and Ann Green and the Self Transformation Program at Swami Rama’s ashram in Rishikesh, India, integrating his knowledge of mindfulness with the physical practices of the

Resting Together: Restorative Partner Yoga Practices with Lara Barber and Danny Morris

Remember your basic need for touch and connection. 

Sunday, May 14th 2:00 p.m - 4:30 p.m.
$20 each person 

Join us for this 2.5-hour workshop including restorative partner yoga practices and simple massage techniques. Embody receptive, intentional listening, while opening deeply to connection with yourself and a partner. Experience an expanded sense of relaxation and healing that can only occur while in a relationship with another being through these practices. Allowing ourselves to rest comfortably while in relationship to others can have a profound effect on nourishing our nervous systems. 

Join with or without a partner. All levels and abilities welcome to join.