Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Support and Connection: A Partner Yoga Exploration

Support and Connection: A Partner Yoga Exploration

Wednesday January 23rd 2013 
$35 per person 
Full Circle Yoga 
519 Longmont, Colorado 80501 

Principle Based Partner Yoga™ is a style of partner yoga which integrates the body-heart-mind-spirit connection amongst individuals through the use of eleven universal principals: Union, trust, compassion, creativity, touch, balance, intimacy, silence, grounding, surrender and community.

During this 3 hour Principle Based Partner Yoga Workshop™ workshop we explore how the support of your community deepens your connection to your personal practice and others.  Emphasis on partner supported back bends, forward bends, twists, and group postures.

Beginners and advanced yogis are welcome. 
Come with or with out a partner!

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