Saturday, May 2, 2009

Polarity Therapy

"Polarity therapy is a holistic alternative medicine health system developed in the 1940s by Randolph Stone. Proponents claim healing can be achieved through manipulation of what they describe as complementary (or polarized) forces, a form of putative energy. The term Stone borrowed from Chinese philosophy to describe those forces is yin and yang.

Polarity therapy is a synthesis of ancient Eastern and alternative medicine health care ideas, centered on the concept of a human energy field.

Using touch, verbal interaction, exercise, nutrition and other methods, practitioners of polarity therapy seek to balance and restore the natural flow of energy which, it is claimed, flows from the universe and into the body through the chakras. The aim is to re-establish "balance". In addition to polarity bodywork, specific polarity yoga exercises, counseling/positive thinking, and nutritional recommendations are claimed to enhance vitality.


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