Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Partner Yoga Teacher Training 2009


Principle-Based Partner Yoga Teacher Training
with Elysabeth Willimson
August 2009
at Gold Lake, Colorado

Here is the brainstorming list we discussed on the last day of our Teacher Training together- Let this be a beautiful reminder of our intentions!

* Elysabeth as a resource and support
* 'Go-to' person
* use of the star house in Boulder
* talk about it and open the idea to friends
* set intention meet with time/space 1 x a month
* 2 week check ins
* template - for marketing workshops
* share lesson plans and experiences of teaching
* google group
* sell books 30$
* workshops at festivals
* Partner Yoga at CorePower Yoga
* couples workshops
* traveling TT
* weekly classes
* private workshops
* maintain individuality vs partnering
* therapy- family workshops
* series with emphasis on sanskrit
* practice with current partner
* Birthing couples
* Hospitals
* Yoga Retreats/Goddess Retreats
* Fitness Center
* Internet and books
* Facebook

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