Monday, February 14, 2011

Updated Bio

Being a Colorado native, Lara was always drawn to an active and athletic lifestyle. Lara was introduced to yoga in a high school dance class and she knew instantly that it was an intricate piece of her life's path. She was intrigued and mystified by the complexity of the human body and the study of it's movement. In 2005, Lara began her studies in massage therapy at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy where she currently works in Boulder as a therapist. As the result of a shoulder injury her dedication to yoga grew more and more. Compelled to immerse herself in its study, she completed the CorePower teacher training in 2008 and began masterfully weaving her experience as a body-worker and a yoga practitioner. Lara's classes convey the depth that she has discovered within yoga that goes far beyond the physical asana practice. Lara creates a beautiful rhythm of meditation and healing by aligning the breath, and focusing the mind with the movement of the physical body. "Because the practice has affected me so profoundly it is a joy and honor to share its benefits through teaching." Recently, Lara has expanded her knowledge beyond Power Vinyasa and Hot Yoga to teach Yin Yoga and Partner Yoga by the fall of 2009.

The moment she heard about Elysabeth’s first Partner Yoga Teacher Training she was magnetized knowing that this was her next step on her yogic path. By combining the power of touch with yoga we find a powerfully healing practice. “When Elysabeth looks me in the eyes, I can feel how present and connected she is to all of humanity. She is a beautiful teacher in my life and I am so thankful to be her student. “ Lara believes that partner yoga creates a sacred space and container for the deeper philosophy of yoga to emerge. Lara not only practices partner yoga on the mat, she is humbled every day with the dance of marriage to her husband, Colin. Lara knows that by having the support of another human during our yoga practice and in life it cultivates awareness and energy. She teaches group workshops and is available for individual and couple private sessions. Please contact her directly at

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