Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Compassion and Faith as tools to Soften Relationship

What does relationship as path to growth mean to me? 
Simply put, relationships can challenge us. Opportunities for growth are continual. 

When intensity is up, what can we do, who can we be, to ease 
the intensity of this (sometimes) painful process of evolving consciously in connection? 
We can choose to ignore the challenges that we face together hoping that they will magically dissolve on their own one day. Or, we can look at life's challenges as opportunities to awaken together. Looking through the lens of using our relational upsets as a path to further our development can unlock our potential for more meaningful, satisfying, fluid, & dynamic connection. 

While walking our edges in difficult to navigate intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, I have discovered two key ingredients for softening the intensity of having our relationships be a place of transformation: Compassion and Faith.

In my opinion, compassion and faith seem to go hand in hand. Compassion arises from a human understanding of the suffering we all must face during this life. It gives space by allowing gentleness in the face of adversity and challenges, understanding that it is a human component to being alive. Faith is interconnected because when we can offer this love and understanding to ourselves or another, we 

can graciously allow and accept the unfolding to happen with trust. W
hile staying in relationship to ourselves and others
we can begin to embody compassion in our process and whatever is arising so that we can have complete faith in the process as it unfolds.

Compassion is loving attention

, a desire for, and ability to ease the pain we feel in ourselves and see in others. Compassion can be the embodiment of the divine feminine and asks us to embrace tenderness, empathy, nurturing, and devoltion. 

Faith is the trust or confidence especially in times of uncertainty. Faith is fidelity to the truth. When all else comes 
rashing down, faith invites us to follow our Highest Potential. Faith can be the embodiment of the divine masculine and asks us to embrace qualities of groundedness, presence, awareness, and altruism. 

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